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Posted the New ObamaHealthCare.Gov Website

by Cory George on 11/02/13

We posted the new ObamaHealthCare.Gov website in the Directory.  Unfortunately the website does not work.  Obama has spent over One Billion for a website that does not work.  But he has promised to have it going by the end of the month of Novermber 2013. 

Another Great Website - Voice Of America News

by Cory George on 09/06/13

We posted the website Voice of America News article about Immigration in America and where it's going.  They have a really great map that you can play with.  It will show you where we were back in 1985 with the detention camps for detainees. It will scare you but what are we to do?  It's a 2 billion dollar business for the year 2013.  It's too bad we are getting distracted with wars in other countries, when we have a silent war here in America at our borders.  

Welcome Stilwell Photography

by Cory George on 09/04/13

ABD welcomes Stephanie Stilwell of Stilwell Photography.  She has a great eye for capturing children's faces.  We looked at her collection and found some of the most beautiful children photos.  We liked it so much we started a new category for her website.  Hope you enjoy it! Be sure to visit http://www.a-business-directory.com/photography.html 

The Motley Fool

by Cory George on 08/19/13

We posted the website The Motley Fool,  we have always have been big fans of this company.  Great resources and information for the investor.  They have great videos too.  Be sure to register on their website for a free trial.  Of just check out their website and YouTube Channel.  Last week they they a video about investing in drones and robots,  the future is here now.  So why not invest in it! ABD 

Comics Etc

by Cory George on 08/07/13

Just posted the website Comics Etc.  Very cool website from Australia.  They have some of the best art work seen for some time. With great background and graphics. For those who are into collecting, or just looking at great art, you must see this website. Visit our Directory to click the link on the front page, first listing.

Posted CNS News Website on A-Business-Directory.com

by Cory George on 07/29/13

We welcome this news source website.  CNS News.com  We really like the video they publish for the week.  About Phony Scandals and other related news articles.  Be sure to watch this website.  Let's hope they continue to do well and grow. Its fair and balanced news.

By the way, A-Business-Directory.com is a Free Directory, full of hand picked websites, showcased on this directory.  It truly is a free directory, no scams here,  we do not cold call businesses for listings.  We pick our listings for quality and good content.  We look for websites that cover current trends.  Thank you Google for your continued assistance in informing the public about scams out there.
We like our public to know that we are scam free.

Tornado Alley

by Cory George on 06/03/13

We posted a good video about the area named Tornado Alley.  Our hearts go out to those families who endure the constant distruption of tornados.  Oklahoma has been hard hit.  Visit their government website and see the areas where you can send your donations if you wish to help out. www.ok.gov/okstrong/

Be sure to visit our other directory.

by Cory George on 05/23/13

We have a similar directory. Its  ABusinessDirectory.Net.  This site is a lighter website with a large slider on the front page.  Its a Word Press site.  Listings there are just starting to show up.  We invite you to take a visit.


We Have Updated our ABD Directory.

by Cory George on 05/23/13

Cory has been blogging for her clients and other directories, keeping very busy.  We are still a Free Directory.  We were thinking of charging a monthly fee, but with the current Google Panda and Penguin Updates, we want you to get a good Follow Link Back.   We will keep it Free for now.  Thank you for your continued views.

California Gold - Huell Howser - Has Left Us Many Good Memories!

by Cory George on 01/13/13

Huell Howser, TV Host of California Gold and Huell Howser Productions left us so many good videos which aired on PBS, KCET. We loved the way he would talk to the viewers, making his programs so calming and educational to watch.  We will miss him.

Merry Christmas 2012

by Cory George on 12/23/12

Merry Christmas to all our viewers!  Posted the YouTube Video Rewind YouTube Style.  We really like this one!  Funny and a good remix.
Hope you have a Happy Holiday on this Holy Week!

Happy 12-12-12

by Cory George on 12/12/12

Big day 12-12-12.  No big bang yet.  The Mayan Apocalypse, is it going to happen on 12-12-12 or 12-21-12.  The Mayans Indians predicted the end of their calendar to mean the end of the world.    Therw are those who believe that it really is a day of putting everybody into the other direction.  How about starting the Anti-Doomsday celebraton. Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience Manager Editor writes an interest article about this, you can find her at LiveScience.com 

2MIN News Reporter Named Suspicious Observers, On You Tube Channel

by Cory George on 10/29/12

We posted this YouTube Blogger on our front page of the Directory.  His reports are very interesting.  Daily weather reports on the global scene.  Also includes earthquakes and planet changes.  We like it.  May keep him on the front page for a while as weather is really big news lately.

New Google Panda Refresh

by Cory George on 09/22/12

If you are trying to keep up with the current changes with the Google's Panda and Penguin Search Engine Algorithm changes, be sure to visit our site for posting of comments and videos provided by SEORoundTable.com which is hosted by Barry Schwartz

Made In America Products

by Cory George on 09/03/12

We have posted the new You Tube Video, mentioning their Politics Hub site.  What is really interesting, it that is says more about Made In America products and how it can create more jobs here.  Let's send letters and emails to your local stores, telling them we want more Made In America Products.  Tell them that if they don't produce more Made In America Products, we will  some where else.  Let's create more jobs in America.

Olympics 2012 Posted

by Cory George on 07/23/12

The Olymics Website is very colorful and it is now posted on our front page. Its almost time for the opening in London July 27, 2012.  Be sure to visit the website.

Peter Carl Faberge - Google Celebrates with a Special Doodle.

by Cory George on 05/29/12


Here is a good video regarding Peter Carl Faberge, Google Celebrates with a special doodle.  We really like these eggs.

Social Network Marketing Gone Wild?

by Cory George on 05/24/12

Posted the Social Luma Scape Chart on the ABD Website Resource Page. It was created by Terence Kawaja, at Luma Partners.  Wow, has Social Networking gone wild! Its amazing we have time to keep up with it...

Dave Matthews Band has a great website!

by Cory George on 04/07/12

Yes, we love Dave Matthews...  His music is just too cool.  Posted his schedule on the ABD Directory.  What a hectic schedule.  Best wishes to all the Band Members for a safe tour.   

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