FOX Business Network, the only business network in true high definition. Headquartered in News Corporation's studios in midtown Manhattan, FBN also has established bureaus in such key markets as Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco (Silicon Valley), Washington, D.C. and London. 

Off Shore Merchants
Offshore Merchants can provide credit card and ACH check processing with NO VOLUME CAP and effective risk management tools to mitigate your online exposure to eCommerce and mail/phone order transactions. Credit is not an issue  with our offshore merchant accounts.  High risk merchant accounts are for businesses that are the target of fraud or operate in an industry that has a high turnover. Offshore Merchants can provide your business with a  high risk merchant account to accept Visa and MasterCard. 
CALL:  1.800.393.3230 provides real-time  credit card processing services including e-check processing services. Our complete selection of merchant account services will facilitate your business to start accepting credit cards, debit cards and e-checks now! We allow all types of businesses to setup  merchant accounts with the lowest processing rates available! 

CALL:  1-800-393-3230
Financial Market Watch
MarketWatch, published by Dow Jones & Co., tracks the pulse of markets for engaged investors with more than 16 million visitors per month. The site is a leading innovator in business news, personal finance information, real-time commentary and investment tools and data, with dedicated journalists generating hundreds of headlines, stories, videos and market briefs a day from 10 bureaus in the U.S., Europe and Asia. In addition, MarketWatch offers subscription products for investors, including the Hulbert Financial Digest suite of products, Retirement Weekly and ETF Trader. 

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WTI is a light crude oil, is lighter than Brent crude. It contains about 0.24% sulfur and is thus rated as a sweet crude oil (having less than 0.5% sulfur), sweeter than Brent which has 0.37% sulfur. WTI is refined mostly in the Midwest and Gulf Coast regions in the U.S., since it is high quality fuel and is produced within the country.

Brent Crude,  is sourced from the North Sea. The Brent Crude oil marker is also known as Brent Blend, London Brent and Brent petroleum. It is used to price two thirds of the world's internationally traded crude oil supplies.

Brent blend is a light crude oil, though not as light as WTI. It contains approximately 0.37% of sulphur, classifying it as sweet crude, yet again not as sweet as WTI. Brent is suitable for production of gasoline and middle distillates. It is typically refined in Northwest Europe.

The US is still on top with gold reserves of $372 billion, followed by Germany ($155 billion), the IMF ($128 billion), Italy ($112 billion), and France ($114 billion). In 2010, central banks turned net buyers of gold for the first time in 21 years, thanks to the end of a decade long liquidation of the European Community’s collective holdings, and that trend has continued this year.

Interestingly, the Gold Spider ETF (GLD) is now the sixth largest holder of gold, followed by China, Switzerland, and Russia. Despite rising prices, (GLD) actually saw a 69.5 metric tonne outflow in holdings in Q1. Perhaps this is smart money, like George Soros’ Quantum Fund, getting out at an intermediate term top? I believe that one of our many future financial crises will derive from redemptions hitting (GLD) faster than the market can handle them.

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Discount Payment Processing Solutions
Keystone Bankcard provides all of its clients free shopping cart software, allowing merchants to be able to expand their business to allow payment processing over the internet. Our gateway is also integratable with numerous shopping carts - al

A commercial broker firm, specializing in commercial real estate loans. This is a nationwide company, offering loan on multifamily, mixed use, office buildings, churches, gas stations, hotel and motels, apartment buildings and much more. The offer online applications with many tools on line for calculating loans. 

Call William Anderson for in depth information: 

​The Death Spiral Map,  

 4.3 Million on Welfare

46.7 Million on Food Stamps

5.6 Million on Unemployment

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We have affordable health coverage for individuals and families. We work with the top providers to secure the best deals on the market. Our company policy is to serve our customers with a warm and positive attitude. We care about you.  

Visit our website to request a free health insurance quote.  We will present you with several via email or fax in 24-48 hours.  

Affordable Healthcare America
We have always been a big fans of The Motley Fool website,  they have great informative information regarding improving your investor skills.  Now they have these great  YouTube Videos, this one posted is about investing in Drones and Robots.
Bob MacDonald, On Business Subjects.
BobMacDonald on Business

Bob has been talking about this Obamanable Situation since back in July 2012.   He says that government with its intrusive, inefficient and wasteful ways is at the root of all the problems in America.  If we could just come together as a nation to elect native-born leaders with the patriotism and backbone to cut the size of government to the quick and free the private sector to do what is does best, it would be like a dream come true.

​Reducing government to its bare essentials would mean there would be not deficit spending, no high taxes or national debt to burden our children, and no oppressive " Big Brother" regulations controling everything we do, including our God-give rights of individual freedom of action. If we could just live this dream, America's problems would soon fade into obliviaion; and he United States would once again regain the domination of the world as the exceptional, God-fearing, Christian nation that God intended for us to be.

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Mann Mortgage Salem Oregon
Mann Mortgage

Located in Salem Oregon.  This company provides various types of mortgage  loans, including FHA, VA, Conforming, Jumbo, Second Mortgages, Equity Lines and loans for Rural Development.  They have a great website where you fill out online applications and processing is very quick.    The instructions are provided step by step.  If you need assistance, their loan officers are available to help you with the forms.  
Call 503-385-1791
Commercial Loans by Infinite Realty and Commercial Loans

Infinite Realty and Loans is offering commercial loans in Los Angeles California.  Our specialty is loans for hotels, motels, multifamily buildings, shopping centers, office buildings, churches, gas stations,  most types of commercial property accepted.
Visit their website and fill out forms online.    

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We have an Investor who buys houses quick.  No upfront fees, No Real Estate Agent Needed.   No need to have your home cleaned up or repaired.

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DLA Investors,  Menifee California
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