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American Thinker
American Thinker is a daily internet publication devoted to the thoughtful exploration of issues of importance to Americans. Contributors are accomplished in fields beyond journalism and animated to write for the general public out of concern for the complex and morally significant questions on the national agenda.

There is no limit to the topics appearing on American Thinker. National security in all its dimensions -- strategic, economic, diplomatic, and military -- is emphasized. The right to exist and the survival of the State of Israel are of great importance to us. Business, science, technology, medicine, management, and economics in their practical and ethical dimensions are also emphasized, as is the state of American culture.
Dick Morris is an American political author and commentator who previously worked as a pollster, political campaign consultant, and general political consultant.  He was also a friend and advisor to Bill Clinton during his time as Governor of Arkansas. Morris became a political adviser to the White House after Clinton was elected.  There are many videos on his website that give his comments on all the latest political news subjects that are concerning our country.
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Learn more about presidential canidates.
Vote Smart 

This is a great website to get lots of facts.  They have 40,000 politicians, and millions of facts.  Just enter the name and you get a good idea of their Bio, How they voted if they held an office in Government.  Their work history, their ratings, their speeches and how they got their funding.  Very interesting website.
GOP  Republican National Convention 

July 18, 2016

Website Highlights:
Based on the feedback from the public, they address the principles that are most important.
  • Country is exceptional
  • Constitution should be honored, valued and upheld
  • Leaders should serve people, not special interest
  • Families and communities should be strong and free from government intrusion
  • Institution of traditional marriage is the foundation of society
  • Government should be smaller, smarter and more efficient
  • Health care decisions should be made by us and our doctors.
  • Paychecks should not be wasted on poorly run government programs
  • Military must be strong and prepared to defend   our shores
  • Culture should respect and protect life
  • Children should never be left in failing schools
  • Veterans should have the best care and opportunities in the world
  • Social programs should help lift people out of poverty
  • America should be energy independent

The GOP began in a little schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin in 1854.  A small group of dedicated abolitionists gathered to fight the expansion of slavery, and they gave birth to a Party dedicated to freedom and equal opportunity.

The website has a great amount of information related to the Black Republican activism, Hispanics across the country, and Republican Women who have created their own American Dream.

The website also addresses many of the key issues of concern for Americans, including budget and spending, education reform, family values, foreign relations, homeland security, immigration, liberty, national defense, ObamaCare and Veterans. 
GOP Hispanics, Black Activists, Asian Pacific Americans
Info Wars com - Internet News - Radio Show
INFOWARS  Internet News -  Radio Show - Videos - Store
Alex Jones is an documentary filmmaker, writer, and conspiracy theorist.  He is the host of The Alex Jones Show located in Austin, Texas.  This show is airs on the Genesis Communications Network and is shortwave radio WWCR across the United States and Online.

Alex Jones has said that government and big business have colluded to create a New World Order through :manufactured economic crises, sophisticated surveillance tech and above all inside job terror attacks that fuel exploitable hysteria "  Jones has described himself as a libertian, paleoconservative and an "aggressive constitutionalist"   

Jones has been described by other as conservative, right-wing, alt-right.
New York magazine describes Jones as " America's leading conspiracy theorist."      

Be sure to watch his Internet News Website.   He isn't afraid to tell us the true news.
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President Donald J Trump
Congratulations to Donald J Trump!

It was an exciting election night.  

Its been a tough fight for both parties.

We hope all of the United States can come

 together and  " Make America Great Again."
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