Dudley and Raven Golff personal website promoting food ministry to Israel.  This website give great cultural samples of the Messianic Jew in Israel.   Visit the site to learn more about the Jewish culture and the Land of Israel.   Dudley is a writer and videography  of all sorts.
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Recently, jazz and blues legend Barbara Morrison introduced 6-year-old Harmony Love Bailey as the first performer to open the new Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center.

Little Miss Harmony did the honors by performing Almost There from the hit Disney movie The Princess and the Frog.
Morrison predicted her new place will be the launching pad for a lot of new artists.
There so many good vibes in this area, says Morrison. Theres so many kids that dont have a place to go and learn the music, so I said ˜You know what? Theres a beautiful park here. Why dont I do some symphony, bring the symphony in, bring the big bands in?
Video: Harmony Love Bailey Sings at New Performing Arts center in L.A.

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