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Watch Money in State Politics
The National Institute on Money in State Politics is the only nonpartisan, nonprofit organization revealing the influence of campaign money on state-level elections and public policy in all 50 states. Our comprehensive and verifiable campaign-finance database and relevant issue analyses are available for free through our Web site We encourage transparency and promote independent investigation of state-level campaign contributions by journalists, academic researchers, public-interest groups, government agencies, policymakers, students and the public at large.
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Associated Press
AP News Minutes
Government Waste Watchdogs
Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) is a private, non-partisan, non-profit organization representing more than one million members and supporters nationwide. CAGW's mission is to eliminate waste, mismanagement, and inefficiency in the federal government. Founded in 1984 by the late industrialist J. Peter Grace and syndicated columnist Jack Anderson, CAGW is the legacy of the President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control, also known as the Grace Commission.

Department of Energy
About Department Of Energy:
The mission of the Department of Energy is to ensure America's security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental, and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions.

Goal 1: Catalyze the timely, material, and efficient transformation of the nation's energy system and secure U.S. leadership in clean energy technologies.

Goal 2: Maintain a vibrant U.S. effort in science and engineering as a cornerstone of our economic prosperity, with clear leadership in strategic areas.

Goal 3: Enhance nuclear security through defense, nonproliferation, and environmental efforts.
We will achieve our mission by establishing an operational and adaptable framework that combines the best wisdom of all Department stakeholders.

NASA NEWS  - Mohawk Man -  Mission to Mars
Meet Mohawk Guy who is trending now on the Internet.

This is how he works everyday. Too busy at NASA! Yeah Mars!

Shira Lazar caught up with Bobak Ferdowsi at JPL in Pasadena, CA about being part of the historic Mars Curiosity landing and his new found internet fame.

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Honor our Navy Seals
Give a Like to our Navy Seals
To become a Navy Seal, there are rigorous, physical, and mental
evaluations. At the Navy Seals SWCC website, they have a really cool map which has all the Navy Mentors who you can contact if you are serious about applying for the Special Warfare Combatant - Craft Crewmen.  If you are interested in contacting a Mentor take a look at their map. Visit   HOOYAH!
Build the Border Fences
One of the gravest threats facing America today is the lack of security and enforcement along the U.S./Mexico border and the consequences of this lack of security have yielded an unparalleled invasion of drug cartels, violent gangs, an estimated 20 million illegal aliens, and even terrorists!

Because of the Federal Government's failure to stop this invasion, the State of Arizona signed into law Senate Bill 1406. Part of this important legislation established this website for the purpose of raising funds through donations from citizens, businesses, corporations and anyone from across the country in an effort to finance and finish building our border fence. Visit their websites and give a donation....
Hurrican Hunters

The Hurricane Hunters are really the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron of the Air Force Reserve.  They use the Ten Lockheed-Martin WC-130J Aircraft.  This is part of the 403rd Wing, based at Keesler Air Force Base located in Biloxi, Mississippi.  This is huge plane,  be sure to take a look
at the stats for this cargo plane.  It's mission is to gather all the data and send it directly to the National Hurricane Center via satellite communications. And yes it flys into the eye of the hurricane.....
You must read more about this site.

Stop the Energy Freeze Please



Watch with caution.... you may get sick...

Blaise Ingoglia writes on his website: In 2006-2008 property values were on the rise and with them the amount of property taxes collected by counties and municipalities. Like most local governments, my home county (Hernando County in Florida) just took the extra revenue, spent most of it and expanded government. For those of us who were paying attention to what government was doing we knew they were wasting most of it, giving out egregious raises to county government employees (among other things) and giving the bill to the taxpayer.

Then we came up with with a thought: What if the residents on the county really knew and understood in laymans terms what our county government was doing? My conclusion was there would be a taxpayer revolt. The question now was: When you talk to someone about government spending, their eyes usually roll back in their head with boredom. How do we actually teach people what our government is doing, yet still keep them entertained while motivating them to get involved?

This question was answered in 2007 when I produced educational and motivational seminars called Government Gone Wild (we were the first ones to coin the phrase Government Gone Wild with the proof being we own the internet domain name) Learn more at the website.
 Government Gone
Government Gone Wild
Watch Federal
Most interesting website, directed towards Federal Manager, this months edition really shows how our government is slowing down.
The site  gives government managers  news and information about managing their staffs, the latest technology, and financial and career decisions, this invaluable news service. Federal Times started in 1965,  for a national audience of federal managers.
How to get free Government Money

This is an educational website.  It gives details of all the different types of government grants for small business.
They sell DVD's.
This Video of Neil Armstrong hosting the NASA 50th Anniversary Documentary, is really a good taste of a different era, even the music is historical. This is our favorite video tribute to Neil Armstrong. May he rest in peace....
Government OVersight Committee
Oversight Committee Mission Statement

We exist to secure two fundamental principles. First, Americans have a right to know that the money Washington takes from them is well spent. And second, Americans deserve an efficient, effective government that works for them. Our duty on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee is to protect these rights.
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Arlington National Cementery
Arlington National Cemetery

The Arlington National Cemetery conducts 27 and 30 funerals each week day, nearly 7,000 services per year.

The Arlington National Cemetery's Mission is to lay our Nations Veterans and their eligible family members to rest with honor and respect.

The Cemetery is currently the resting place for over 400,000 service members, veterans and their families.

We invite you to visit this beautiful website.