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Theft in the Third Degree Lynnwood WA Theft Lawyer

If you have been arrested in Washington for shoplifting this is also known as “thief in the third degree.” This sort of offense can touch every part of your life.  It can mean that it will show up on your record and can hurt you from getting that special job you wanted.  It can effect your life for a very long time.  So it is important to get a good attorney that will get you the best outcome when you get to court.

Marke Schnackenberg Lynnwood WA Attorney and is a former prosecutor who knows exactly how to help you. He has helped over 300 persons in the cities of Lynnwood and Edmonds Washington.  He promises to give you a free initial case evaluation.  He also knows that you need to avoid a conviction.  He promises to do everything in his power to help you avoid a conviction!

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