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Hurricane HuntersHurricane Hunters Association

The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, Department of Defense,  Air Force Reserve is responsible for the different flying jobs at the Hurricane Hunters Association.  Half of the positions are part-time (traditional reservists), and half are full-time (air Reserve Technicians).  There are 40 pilots, 20 navigators, aerial reconnaissance weather officers, and weather loadmasters.  In addition, there are numerous support personnel that work in various fields such as flight administration, life support and various maintenance specialties.

Every mission requires two pilots a designated aircraft commander and the other is the co-pilot. There are additional workers such as the Navigator, who prepares the navigational flight plan and inspects the navigational equipment prior to flight.  During the flight the Navigator used the equipment (inertial, global positioning satellite, and radios) to determine where the aircraft is and uses radar to avoid severe weather.

There is also a Aerial Reconnaissance Weather Officer, who acts as the Flight Director in the storm environment.  They continuously monitor atmospheric data that is ingested from the aircraft sensors every second.  They check the data for accuracy  and then use the information to guide the crew right to the center of a storm where they direct a “sonde” release and take observations that disseminate through satellite communications directly to the National Hurricane Center.

There is also a weather Loanmaster/Dropsonde System Operator.  He has two jobs on the WC-130 Aircraft.  They are Loadmaster, which requires making sure everything is loaded and tied down properly in the cargo compartment, as well as scanning the exterior of the airplane during engine start and monitoring the health of the plane during the flight by inspecting the engines and other aircraft systems.  This person can also be tasked for several missions, in addition to weather reconnaissance, such as aero medical or transportation.  During a weather mission they are responsible for collecting vertical weather profile data.

For interesting reading visit Hurricane Hunters Association and a Non-Profit Organization.


Navy Seal's Warfare Navy Seal & SWCC

To become a Navy Seal, there are rigorous, physical and mental evaluation.   At the Navy Seals, SWCC website, they have a really cool map which has all the Navy Mentors who you can contact if your are serious about applying for the Special war fare Combatant, Craft Crewmen.  If you are interested in contacting a Mentor take a look at the website.

If you are thinking of trying out to become a Seal,  here are the basic procedures:

  1. Pr-enlistment medical screening, 2 Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, 3. Computerized – Special Operations Resilience Test, and 4. Navy Seal Physical Screening Test.  The ASVAB is used to assess a candidate’s mental sharpness and ability to learn.  While the C-Sort is used to screen their maturity and mental resilience.

If you are interested in more information regarding the Government Military Navy Seals,  visit their website.


C-SORT Navy Seals resilience test For Navy Seals Requirements, you really need to visit his website. You will find more information regarding C_SORT, Computerized Special Operations Resilience Tests.

Visit NAVY SEAL. COM or click the photo.




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