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Danica Patrick will be driving in the NASCAR schedule this coming year 2012 full time.
The 29 year old race car driver will join the schedule of Dale Earnhard Jr's Race Team known as JR Motorsports.  

She has been sponsored by Go Daddy and her highest finish was in the Indy 500 in 2009 when she won  third place and was all the first woman to win a car race when she won in Japan 2008.
Team Express Distributing, LLC. is a distributor of sporting goods and athletic equipment, footwear and apparel. It markets through its Team Express Distributing, LLC. catalogs, its retail store in San Antonio, TX and its online store via the Internet. The company started in 1990 has been dedicated to providing fanatical customer service and ease of shopping to the baseball and softball players who demand the best performance products at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable customer service team and the broadest selection of sports equipment products in the world. 
Divine Intervention in foot ball?
Fran Tarkenton talks abouTebow and Religion....
HUFF POST Has a very good article on LinSanity.

Seeing as how Linsanity has reached the peak of its crescendo (for now), shall we set aside our newly minted "All I do is Lin" t-shirts and rose-tinted glasses (or for Knicks fans, your "homer" glasses) for just a minute? Put on our dunce caps and disapprovingly stare out from our hipster shades while uttering phrases like "regression to the mean" (translation: he'll come back down to earth) or "small sample size theater" (stat-geek parlance for blind dumb luck) in our best Bernie Bummer voices?

Or, if you're like me, proclaim that Linsanity is the best thing that's happened to sports fandom in quite some time, Tebowmania included.
Rick Stewart wears a hat topped with a Toy horse.  

We found this photo and nice celebrities video on the 
Washington Post.
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Joey Logano Dayton 500 Winner Feb 22,2015
Joey Logano Race Car Driver, wins the Daytona 500

American Stock Car Racer, age 24.

​Joey has a good amount of history in NASCAR. Be sure to read all about his experience and how he has become a legitimate champion!

His sponsors Shell-Pennzoil / AAA /, AutoZone, Hertz, GoPro, CocoCola and more.... 
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